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The vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized Animal Science department that contributes to solving future challenges within sustainable farm animal production and conducts related research for the benefit of human nutrition and health. 

The mission is to perform basic, strategic and applied research and innovation within the Department’s core activities: health, welfare and nutrition. The activities make up the science-based foundation for ANIS’ teaching, public sector consultancy and collaboration with business and industry.

The strategy 2016-2020 within the core acitivties is to strengthen and further develop ANIS' research efforts to create, collect and disseminate new knowledge in relation to sustainable farm animal production. It is the aim to develop concepts where high efficiency and production can be maintained while taking into account animal health, welfare and production, differentiated products, the nutritional quality and safety of the products as well as the impact on the surrounding environment and climate. Another overall aim is to use our research platforms and com-petences within nutrition, health and welfare to develop animal models and nutritional concepts of importance for human health.

Read the strategy here.