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The department has a loose housing system for approx. 240 dairy cows. Furthermore, the department has a physiology unit for dairy cows, sheep and calves – including a section for animals that have rumen or intestinal fistulas as well as multi-catheterized animals. Finally, there is a unit for measuring methane, as well as flexible facilities for the preparation of compound feed, milking unit and test areas. Read more about the cattle facilities.


The department has different stables that are flexible as to size and functionality – including a number of specific cages or floor units of varying sizes as well as a hatchery. Focus is primarily on egg laying hens and broilers and it is possible to house SPF animals and other special experimental setups. Read more about the poultry facilities.

Intensive care unit facility

The intensive care unit facility is very dynamic and comprises a wide range of functions – among these are two fully equipped surgery rooms with beds, operating tables for larger animals, units for housing newly operated animals, climate chamber/units for small and large animals as well as isolation rooms/units. To these should be added a laboratory animal (primarily rat) facility and infection units for experiments with pigs, calves and poultry. Read more about the intensive unit facility.


The department has flexible stable facilities for approx. 150 sows and housing capacity for all age groups (sows, piglets, breeding stock and slaughter pigs. Flexible housing for large breeds as well as miniature pigs is available. Housing may be stalls, single pens and group housing. Finally, the department has access to facilities for digestion experiments with pigs of all sizes. Read more about the pig facilities.

Organic animal platform

The organic animal platform consists of 26 hectares for pasture and 43 hectares linked to research in outdoor poultry, pigs, and horses. The 43 hectares designated for research in poultry, pigs and horses also include a 1600 m2 facility for studying indoor and outdoor problems in organic livestock and poultry production. This facility is very flexible and provides the possibility of setting up horse studies. Read more.

Laboratory platforms

The department has outstanding laboratory platforms and research facilities at its disposal. The department is currently working on a fundamental renovation of existing laboratories and plans to establish 5 superior laboratory platforms:. Read more about the laboratory platforms.