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Research groups



Behaviour and stress biology

The aim is to produce and disseminate new knowledge of the behavioural needs, stress biology and adaptability of domesticated animals in order to ensure animal welfare, health and functionality when used for production, research and as hobby and therapy animals. 

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Epidemiology and management

The research group develops methods and tools for production and health management for the benefit of farm animal health and welfare in a sustainable context. The research group develops, gathers and disseminates knowledge of production management, health and welfare and communication between farmers, authorities and the surrounding community. 

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Animal nutrition and physiology

The general aim is to generate new knowledge about domestic animals' physiological and production related responses to nutrition and feeding through studies of the basic qualitative and quantitative digestive, absorptive and metabolic processes. Further, the aim is to develop production effective and sustainable feeding strategies.  

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Immunology og microbiology

The research group aims to carry out and disseminate basic and applied research concerning the microbiota of the intestinal tract in relation to animal health, feed utilization and impact on the environment and climate, including the importance for immune development, as well as immunity regulation especially with a view to preventing disease. 

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Molecular nutrition and reproduction

It is the aim of the research group to generate basic and applied knowledge of the molecular aspects of nutrition and reproduction biology with focus on the whole organism, the individual organ and the cellular level. 

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