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The Department of Animal Science aims to be visible in society in general, e.g. by strong cooperative relations with knowledge institutions, trade and industry as well as companies in Denmark and abroad. The research activities are often accomplished in cooperation with other national or international research environments, industrial partners or industrial associations.


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At an informal reception in Department of Animal Science on 23 May 2018, the researchers celebrated the publication of the five books. From left to right: Janne W. Christensen, Jens Malmkvist, Lene Juul Pedersen, Mette Herskin, Margit Bak Jensen and Karen Thodberg.

2018.07.12 | Anis

ANIS researchers marked book publications

Researchers from the section Behaviour and stressbiology in Department of Animal Science have extended their writings by participating as co-authors and editors of five books.

2018.07.12 | Anis, Poultry

Seafood for laying hens

From May until September 2018, researchers from Aarhus University will run an experiment on a commercial organic farm to test replacement of fishmeal with mussel meal fed to laying hens.

Photo from Colorbox

2018.07.09 | PhD Course, Anis, Horses, Mink, Pigs, Cattle, Poultry

Department of Animal Science offers a PhD course on Interpretation of animal stress responses

The PhD provides a solid background of the theory and research in stress biology via lecture by leading researchers within the field.

Foto: Janne Hansen

2018.07.04 | Cattle, Anis

We have a PhD position available for you - if you would like to do something about the carbon footprint of dairy production!

If you are enthusiastic about science and would like to work with feeding strategies to reduce enteric methane from dairy cows, you are invited to apply for a PhD position at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University. Application deadline is 1 August 2018.

Calves are debudded to avoid harming each other or humans. Photo: Jesper Rais
In Denmark calves are debudded with the aid of a hot iron before the calves are three months old. Photo: Bodil Højlund Nielsen

2018.06.15 | DCA, Anis, Cattle

Pain relief after disbudding increases animal welfare

There are welfare benefits for calves in connection with disbudding if the animals are given local anesthetic as well as pain relief in the form of NSAID instead of anesthetic on its own.


Fri 21 Sep
00:00-00:00 | Rome, Italy
ISES 14th Equitation Science Conference, September 21-24, 2018
The Conference Theme is about Equine welfare: good training, good feeding, good housing, good mental state, good health, good behaviour.
Mon 03 Dec
00:00-00:00 | AU Foulum
PhD course: Animal health economics in livestock herds
3 - 7 December 2018


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