Strong cooperative relations

The Department of Animal Science aims to be visible in society in general, e.g. by strong cooperative relations with knowledge institutions, trade and industry as well as companies in Denmark and abroad. The research activities are often accomplished in cooperation with other national or international research environments, industrial partners or industrial associations.

Read also the leaflet: INDUSTRIAL RESEARCHER - a close collaboration between company and university.

Collaboration partners
Thus, the department cooperates with agricultural organizations and companies; we would particularly like to emphasize our close cooperation with SEGES.

Large international companies as well as small SMEs often act as partners in our projects, such as companies within the dairy, feed and ingredient industries. We also cooperate with private companies in projects concerning biological and technical solutions for the benefit of farmers, industries and consumers.

In addition to our collaboration with other departments at the Aarhus University, the Department also cooperates with the other Danish universities - University of Copenhagen in particular, in relation to education and supervision of students at bachelor, master and PhD level.

Internationally, we cooperate with universities in Europe, USA and China.

In addition to our collaboration with scientists from the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University, we also cooperate with the regional hospital in Viborg, where our operating rooms are used for practising surgical techniques.

Consequently, our employees are very experienced when it comes to managing and participating in various types of project cooperation, including interdisciplinary projects.


Eva Søndergaard

FundraiserDepartment of Animal Science - ANIS Institutfunktion