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Ruminant nutrition and physiology

Our research aim and focus

To characterize physiological determinants underlying production and to develop strategies for nutrition and management to optimize life-time productivity and health of cattle.

Our primary focus areas

  • Quantification of patterns of absorption from the gut, metabolism within the body and excretion of nutrients and compounds derived from the diet
  • Optimization of mammary (re-)development and lactation performance (incl. strategies for lactation and dry cow management and implications for reproduction)
  • Optimization of growth and development (incl. meat production and quality, replacement heifers, and adaptive physiology to early life nutrition)
  • Nutrition impacts (including feed additives) on absorption, metabolism, and excretory pathways in relation to physiological state of the animal
  • Establish energy and nutrient requirements in different physiological stages (incl. strategies for phase feeding, prevention of nutrient imbalances, and optimized reproduction)
  • Use of advanced experimental models for cattle and potentially even humans (e.g. fetal programming, renal function, mammary cancer).

Theme group coordinator

Mette Olaf Nielsen

Professor ANIS - ANIS Nutrition

Our research perspectives

Consumers are increasingly concerned about animal well-being and healthy nutrition for animals and humans.

The perspective is to generate knowledge about physiological mechanisms underlying body functions from molecular to whole-animal level in order to design physiologically well-balanced diets for optimized production, health and longevity of cattle.