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Managing animal welfare

Our research aim and focus

The aim is to develop assessments of animal welfare at flock or herd level, herd management tools for promoting animal welfare, and further to study the interactions between humans and animals and between stockmen and authorities.

Our primary focus areas

  • Developing and evaluating methods and tools for assessing animal welfare at flock and herd level for on-farm decision support, herd classification for authorities and for certification purposes
  • Developing and evaluation herd management tools for promoting animal welfare (i.e. herd health agreements, HACCP-like tools for animal welfare surveillance).
  • Investigating challenges and opportunities when animals and humans are interacting from an ethological and anthropological view (i.e. use of animals in animal-assisted therapy, human – animal studies)
  • Studying communication and decision behaviour affecting animal health and welfare focusing on livestock farm management and relations between farmer, employees, advisors, veterinarians and authorities.

Theme group coordinator

Jan Tind Sørensen

Sektionsleder Professor ANIS - ANIS Welfare

Our research perspectives

This research focus on management of farm animals affecting animal welfare and the linkage between animals and humans. We will develop tools for assessing welfare of animals and for the management of farm animals taking into account the importance of communication.

Further, we will focus on the interaction between human and animals from an ethological as well as an anthropological view.