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What We Do

Our research contributes to the development of sustainable production and management systems for production animals, family pets and experimental animals - and - to the development of methods for the assessment of animal welfare in single animals, herds and during transport and termination. We aim to present distinct research and to provide a forum for the central public debate on the use of animals.

Our primary focus areas

  • Housing systems  – interplay between animals and system
  • Animals outdoor and on pasture – organic production systems
  • Studies on animal behaviour and physiological needs
  • Management and assessment of animal welfare in flocks and on-farm
  • Interaction between animals and people
  • Communication and decision behaviour on animal welfare
  • Development and evaluation of animal-based measures
  • Studies on handling of animals
  • Studies on automated information on animal behaviour and location

Who we are

Our research unit hosts more than 30 staff members working on different aspects of the welfare area. Meet the staff, our experts and theme groups below:

Head of research unit

Jan Tind Sørensen

Sektionsleder Professor Institut for Husdyrvidenskab - ANIS Welfare