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6. Health management and economy

Our research aim and focus

The research aim is to study and improve management of health, welfare and production in livestock herds, especially focusing on control of diseases.

Our primary focus areas

  • Epidemiological studies of risk factors for and effects of diseases in farm animals using observational and experimental studies in private herds
  • Evaluation, management and optimization of big data technologies in relation to health in real production and management systems
  • Modeling of herd specific data for development of farm decision support tools and concepts including static and dynamic monitoring, multifactorial analyses, herd simulation modelling and evolutionary operation procedures (EVOP)
  • Modelling and management of infectious diseases and biosecurity
  • Economic analyses and cost-benefit analyses of livestock production to quantify complex relationships and dilemmas in order to optimize and prioritize at farm, sector and society level
  • Interaction of herd health and production management with reproduction and breeding strategies at herd level

Theme group coordinator

Søren Østergaard

Professor Department of Animal Science - ANIS Management and Modelling (MAMO)

Our research perspectives

The research will contribute to integrate and manage animal health, through control of diseases, in animal production for the benefit of animals, producers, industries and society.

The research will contribute to the scientific and industrial development towards a more sustainable livestock production.