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3. Feed evaluation, processing and sustainable feedstuffs

Our research aim and focus

The theme group develop feed evaluation, explore and increase the use of biomass resources including biomasses subjected to biorefining processes, and to improve nutrient efficiency by processing. Aim is to develop an animal production system that fit into a sustainable circular bioeconomy system. Focus is on feed for both monogastric and ruminant production- and pet animals.

Our primary focus areas

  • Feed evaluation, and development of methods for laboratory and in vivo feed evaluation of both conventional and new/alternative feedstuffs

  • Evaluation of pro- and antinutritional substances, as e.g. bioactive compounds, toxins, mycotoxins, heavy metals
  • Processing of concentrates, to change nutritional properties and/or to fractionate to improve utilization
  • Processing of forages/roughages, to improve e.g. digestibility and ensiling properties
  • Biorefining of various biomasses with focus on green forages, optimization of green protein yield and quality, and the utilization of the side streams as pulp and brown juice
  • Alternative feedstuffs, e.g. insects, industry byproducts, food waste
  • Marine feedstuffs, e.g. seaweed, fishmeal, starfish, clams 

Theme group coordinator

Søren Krogh Jensen

Professor Department of Animal Science - ANIS Monogastric Nutrition (MONU)

Our research perspectives

Sustainable animal production, both organic and conventional, is depended on efficient use of feeds, without competing with the requirement for land for direct production of human food.

This require development of alternative feed resources and optimization of use of existing feed resources, e.g. processing and biorefining to partition nutrients from a biomass to the most efficient use.