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11. Animal welfare on farm, during transport and slaughter

Our research aim and focus

The research aim is to study animal welfare and how it is managed on farm, during transport and slaughter. This includes studying the interactions between humans and animals and between stockmen and authorities. We will seek to provide knowledge that can contribute to the achievements of the UN Sustainability Goals.

Our primary focus areas

  • Developing and evaluating methods and tools for assessing animal welfare, at individual level as well as flock and herd level.
  • Animal transport and related management including pre- and post-transport
  • Ending animal lives – on-farm killing/euthanasia and mass culling including lairage, stunning and slaughter
  • Investigating challenges and opportunities when animals and humans are interacting from an ethological and anthropological view
  • Studying communication and decision behaviour affecting animal health and welfare focusing on livestock farm management and relations between farmer, employees, advisors, veterinarians and authorities. 
  • Refinement of experimental, in vivo procedures involved in animal science – such as metabolism chambers/cages, climate chambers, and fistulated/catheterized animals.

Theme group coordinator

Jan Tind Sørensen

Professor - Section manager Department of Animal Science - ANIS Management and Modelling (MAMO)

Our research perspectives

This research focus on farm animal welfare and the linkage between animals and humans, in the whole production chain. We will develop tools for assessing welfare of animals and for the management of farm animals taking into account the importance of communication.

Further, we will focus on the interaction between human and animals from an ethological as well as an anthropological view. We will investigate the concept of OneWelfare concept (incorporating animal welfare, human well-being and environment) and seek to provide data that can contribute to the achievements of the UN Sustainability Goals.