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Molecular nutrition and reproduction

Research aim and focus

It is the aim of the research group to generate basic and applied knowledge of the molecular aspects of nutrition and reproduction biology with focus on the whole organism, the individual organ and the cellular level.

Primary focus areas

  • Basic work with the molecular aspects of the whole chain from feed to food to the health aspects of macro nutrients and bioactive components.
    • Basic work with reproduction biology and technology, including epigenetic conditions.
    • Development of molecular and metabolomics techniques for analysing metabolites in biological fluids.
    • Molecular aspects of digestion and metabolism in the cross field between animals and humans.
    • Identification of suitable bio- and selection markers in biological fluids and cells with focus on physiological characterization of reproduction.
    • Development of animal models as well as relevant techniques for nutritional studies.

Key disciplines

Nutrition; Molecular biology; Cell biology; Reproduction biology; Applied analytical chemistry; Biochemistry; Animal models.

Research perspectives

The general vision is to contribute with basic nutritional and reproduction biological knowledge, which constitutes the basis for an efficient and environmentally sound production of healthy and secure food with optimal animal welfare, and which can generate knowledge in the cross field between animals and humans.