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Animal nutrition and physiology

Research aim and focus

The general aim is to generate new knowledge about domestic animals' physiological and production related responses to nutrition and feeding through studies of the basic qualitative and quantitative digestive, absorptive and metabolic processes. Further, the aim is to identify suitable biomarkers for physiological imbalances and nutrient status in order to develop production effective and sustainable feeding strategies covering the nutrient requirements of the animals in changing physiological stages.


Primary focus areas

  • Quantification of the metabolism of nutrients at organ and animal level
  • Physiological regulation of the domestic animals' responses and identification of phenotypic and genotypic biomarkers
  • Nutrient requirements in relation to the animals' various physiological stages
  • Nutrition focusing on production with regard for health, welfare and product quality
  • Improvement of domestic animals' utilisation of resources  and their role in the circular bio economics
  • Feeding solutions with regard to reduction of domestic animals' environmental impact with N, P, heavy metals etc. as well as climate impact through emission of greenhouse gases and ammonia.

Key disciplines

Digestive and nutritional physiology; Organ and production physiology; Biomarkers; Bio modelling; Feedstuff chemistry and applied analytical chemistry and biochemistry.

Research perspectives

The perspectives include development of new sustainable feeding strategies and nutrient standards in the primary industry and research based service of the authorities concerning the agricultural sector's improvement of the nutrient utilisation and reduction of the environmental impact. By combining new technology, knowledge of the animals' physiology and the use of biomarkers, the perspective includes sustainable improvement of the domestic animals' health, welfare and production with a high foodstuff security and product quality.