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What We Do

We work on developing an effective and sustainable domestic animal production. The efforts of our research group will secure a resource efficient, environmentally and climate sound production of healthy and secure domestic animal foods from animals with optimal welfare and health. We also generate knowledge in the cross field between animals and humans.

Our primary focus areas

  • Quantification of the metabolism of nutrients at organ and animal level
  • Regulation of the responses and identification of biomarkers for metabolic status/physiological status
  • Macro nutrition to improve animal production, resource efficiency and product quality
  • Efficient organic animal production in line with stakeholders expectations
  • Nutrient requirements in relation to the animals' various physiological stages
  • Basic aspects of digestion, metabolism and bioactive components in animals and humans
  • Resource utilisation and development of sustainable feedstuffs in a circular bio-economy
  • Feeding strategies for reduction of environmental impact with N, P, Zn and other heavy metals
  • Reducing climate impact through lower emission of methane and other greenhouse gases
  • Development of animal models for human nutrition and health

Who we are

Our research unit hosts more than 60 staff members working on different aspects of the nutrition area. Meet the staff, our experts and theme groups below:

Head of research unit

Jan Værum Nørgaard

Associate Professor, Head of research unit Department of Animal Science - ANIS Nutrition