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What We Do

We work towards healthier and more robust domestic farm animals and models for human health. Our research contribute to a more thorough understanding of animal health through our studies of cells, organs, single animals and herds, striving to connect these levels. We will contribute to including health, through prevention of diseases, in animal production for the benefit of animals, producers and society.     

Our primary focus areas

  • Prevention of production diseases focusing on nutrition and management
  • Infection biology and immune regulation focusing on robust animals and vaccination strategies
  • Robust animals through studies of the microbiota and microbial activity of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Control methods for the domestic animal production and health as well as infection control
  • Health economics and epidemiological analyses of risk factors for and effects of farm animal diseases 
  • Health-related aspects of macronutrients and bio-active components
  • Use of cell and animal models in relation to disease problems in human
  • Eligible bio-markers and selection markers in biological fluids and cells in relation to animal health
  • Embryo development and sensitivity from the surroundings and its influence on the newborn animal
  • Reduced use of antibiotics through prevention of necessitating treatment

Who we are

Our research unit hosts more than 50 staff members working on different aspects of the health area. Meet the staff, our experts and theme groups below:

Head of research unit

Henrik Callesen

Professor, Head of research unit Department of Animal Science - ANIS Health