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Margit Bak Jensen has been appointed professor in behavioural needs and stress biology at Department of Animal Science, AU.

2021.03.12 | Anis

With a new professorship, Aarhus University prioritises research in livestock welfare and behavioural needs

As of 1 March 2021, Margit Bak Jensen has been appointed professor in behavioural needs and stress biology at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University. The department is already acknowledged internationally for its research in animal welfare, and with this professorship the department strengthens its position even further in this field of…

Associate professor Janne Winther Christensen carries out research in horses at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Foulum. She has conducted a unique long-term study of the development of fearful behaviour from foal to adult horse. Photo: Viborg Stifts Folkeblad.

2021.02.03 | Anis

Fear testing of foals can contribute to higher safety in the equestrian sports

A new study at Aarhus University shows that it is possible to identify fearful horses at a very early age by means of an objective fear test. This gives a better opportunity of ensuring that especially sensitive horses are placed in capable hands from the beginning. And this is good news both for the rider’s safety and the horse’s welfare.

One of the equipages from the study wearing a weight vest with extra weight from lead blocks. In total, 20 equipages were included in the study. Photo: KA Photo.

2020.05.11 | Anis

Do rider weight and balance affect horse welfare?

It seems like the rider’s weight does not affect the horse’s welfare as much previously expected. Neither the horse’s stress hormone level, heart rate nor behaviour was affected during moderate work when the rider gained 25% weight in a project conducted by Aarhus University. However, the horses showed signs of discomfort and stress if the rider’s…

Being a horse during the summer heat may be tough due to annoying insects. Photo: Janne W. Christensen.

2020.03.16 | Anis

A new project focuses on insect harassment of horses on pasture

Horses benefit from grazing – both in terms of their physical and psychological well-being. However, insects and summer heat can affect and may be a threat to the horses’ welfare. A new project at AU Foulum investigates the occurrence of insects and the importance of shade.

A group of young horses from the project in relation to the fear test in which the horses are exposed to a “frightening object” by means of an umbrella. Photo: Janne Winther Christensen.

2020.03.16 | Anis

Can a single experienced horse in a group attenuate the young horses’ fear reactions?

Yes, it looks like it. Researchers at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, have studied what it means to young horses to be exposed to a frightening situation when one of the horses in the group is already habituated to the situation – and the results seem promising.

Photo from Colorbox

2018.07.09 | PhD Course

Department of Animal Science offers a PhD course on Interpretation of animal stress responses

The PhD course provides a solid background of the theory and research in stress biology via lecture by leading researchers within the field.

2018.03.09 | PhD defense

Steroid Hormones, Fearfulness and Performance in Sport Horses- Rikke Munk will have her PhD defence on March 16 at AU Folum

Rikke Munk researched how being in a stressful competition environment influences the salivary cortisol concentration in young competition horses. The new research findings contribute to the understanding of the influence of a competition environment on salivary cortisol concentration in young sport horses.

[Translate to English:] Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen offer a residential PhD course on Animal Pain in March 2018. Photo by Pierpaolo Di Giminiani, University of Newcastle

2017.09.13 | Anis

Ph.d. course: Animal Pain

Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen offer a residential PhD course on Animal Pain aiming to give PhD students an overview of the concept of animal pain from a biological perspective. Deadline for registration is 1 December 2017.

The main theme of this year’s ISAE conference was “Understanding animal behaviour”. In total, three hundred researchers and other interested parties participated from 41 countries. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2017.09.20 | Anis

Animal behaviour and welfare scrutinised in Aarhus

From 7-10 August, Aarhus University hosted the yearly conference in International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE). Therefore, researchers from all over the world gathered in Aarhus to share and discuss new knowledge of animal behaviour.

2017.06.08 | Anis

Animal Welfare Conference in Copenhagen, October 2017

Come and join the two day conference on Animal Welfare in Copenhagen on October 3 and 4 2017. Themes are consumer-driven animal welfare and animal based welfare indicators. Two scientists from Department of Animal Science will give a talk on "farmers perceptions of animal welfare" and "Investing in cow-welfare".

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