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Cattle barns

Research facilities at Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC)

DKC comprises the following research facilities:

  • 240 dairy cows (Holstein) plus calves
  • Production-like barns, in which the cows can be separated into eight groups of 12 cows and two groups of 70 cows.
  • Milking barn with 2x12 "side by side"and mechanical room in the basement
  • Protective barn facilities for cows around calving
  • Computerized feeding troughs
  • Automatic and intensive registrations of basic data for all animals for e.g.:
    • Feed intake and feeding behaviour
    • Milk yield and milk properties
    • Cow weight, activity and behaviour 
  • Intensive barn with four climate chambers and 20 single house units for fistulated and multi-catheterized cows used in intensive studies  
  • Flexible barn with dynamic and flexible facilities for studies of new barn and housing systems

New cattle research facilities in 2020

The new Danish Cattle Research Centre will be completed in 2020 with new and modern research facilities. You can follow the process here:

The new intensive barns and flexible barn

The cows are moving into the new cattle barn and experience their first milking in the "side by side" system

From the very first beginning to a complete cattle barn