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Cattle barns

Research facilities an barn design

The cattle research facilities at AU-Foulum consist of two locations DKC-Burrehøjvej and DKC-Blichers Allé that together constitute the Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC)

The experimental barns at both locations are adapted for automatic and intensive registrations with for instance computerized feeding troughs, milking robots and monitoring equipment. The lay-out of the barns makes it possible to register individual animals and groups of animals of up to 70 per group. Further, it is possible to extract samples of digested material, manure, urine, blood, milk and tissue.

Find more information about the individual locations at DKC's homepage or via the buttons below.


DKC-Burrehøjvej comprises the following research facilities:

  • 210 dairy cows (Danish Holstein and Jersey) plus calves
  • Production-like barns
  • Protective barn facilities for cows around calving
  • Milking robots and computerized feeding troughs
  • Automatic and intensive registrations of basic data for all animals for e.g.:

    • Feed intake and eating behaviour
    • Milk yield and milk properties
    • Cow weight, activity, behaviour and position of the cow in the barn͡

DKC-Blichers Allé

DKC-Blichers Allé comprises the following research facilities:

  • 125 cows plus calves
  • Physiology barn for fistulated and multi-catheterized cows used in intensive studies
  • Four climate chambers for measuring the animals’ excretion of for instance methane (climate impact)
  • Different milking systems and computerized feeding troughs
  • Flexible barn with dynamic and flexible facilities for studies of new barn and housing systems
  • Barn for intensive studies of calves and sheep