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PhD courses

PhD courses that the department is responsible for

PhD Courses 2020

Animal Pain, 9. - 13. marts 2020

Kursusansvarlige: Mette S. Herskin, AU og Bjørn Forkman, KU



PhD Courses held in 2019

Carbohydrates with emphasis on nutrition and intestinal health of non-ruminant animals, 17. - 28. juni 2019

Course responsible: Knud Erik Bach Knudsen

Gut Biology and Health, 12. - 23. August 2019

Course responsible: Ole Højberg

Feed ration planning in dairy cattle herds, 5. - 15. August 2019

Course responsible: Martin Riis Weisbjerg


PhD Courses held in 2016

Poultry Production and Health, October 2016 (cancelled)

Course responsible: Ricarda Engberg 

Animal Experimentation, November 7-10 2016

Course responsible: Ricarda Engberg