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About the Danish Cattle Research Centre

The Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC) belongs under the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University and functions as both a farm and a place of research. The centre is at the same time a display window for Danish cattle farms, and if you are interested you are welcome to pay a visit


A number of research projects are carried out here in close cooperation with the scientists at the Department of Animal Science as well as scientists from other departments and knowledge institutions. The research centre consists of two research locations: DKC-Burrehøjvej and DKC-Blichers Allé. 


DKC-Burrehøjvej is a high tech cattle farm with 210 dairy cows plus calves. There are loose housing barns with cubicles and protective barn facilities. Read more about DKC's research facilities... 


The Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC) is an organizational merger of the former Danish Cattle Research Center (KFC) and the cattle research facilities at AU-Foulum. 



DKC-Blichers Allé

DKC-Blichers Allé includes the cattle research facilities at AU-Foulum which consist of a number of experimental barns housing approx. 125 dairy cows plus calves. 

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Centre board

A centre board consisting of six members appointed by the industry and Aarhus University is responsible for the establishment, operation, development and knowledge of the research work at the Danish Cattle Research Centre. 

Leaflet about DKC

Link to leaflet about DKC
Link to leaflet about DKC

Here you will find DKC's leaflet with further information about the research areas and research facilities of the centre.

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If you want further information about the facilities and possibilities of research and development cooperation please contact centre director Merete Jensen or chief consultant Jens Bech Andersen