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2021.05.07 | Anis

SmartCow Newsletter - Issue 6

The latest SmartCow Newsletter is now available. The SmartCow project integrates key European cattle research infrastructures to promote their coordinated use and development and thereby help the European cattle sector face the challenge of sustainable production.

2021.04.21 | Anis

Can we produce nutritional and sustainable milk in the laboratory?

Aarhus University in Foulum leads a new and exciting project which is to form the basis for producing sustainable milk in the laboratory as an alternative to cow’s milk. The project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

2021.04.08 | Anis

Free webinars: Dairy and beef cattle production and climate change - 13th and 14th of April

If you are interested in cattle production then check out these free webinars about "Development of Dairy", "Future Beef Farms" and "Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss" held by The British Society of Animal Science.

2021.04.07 | Anis

FACCE ERA-GAS would like to invite you to register for the FACCE ERA-GAS Greenhouse Gas Research Breakfast Club

The initiative is targeted at post-doctoral researchers and PhD students and will include: "Presentations from eminent scientists on cutting edge research topics related to GHG monitoring and mitigation from agriculture and forestry" and "Career Development presentations for PhD students and post-docs".

A new book focuses on how laboratory animals should be housed, treated and handled as well as on how to improve their welfare. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2021.05.04 | Anis

Researcher from Aarhus University contributes to new textbook on management of experimental animals – focusing on the pig

Together with colleagues from University of Copenhagen and NOVO, senior researcher Mette S. Herskin from Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University (AU) has contributed to a new textbook on: “Animal-centric Care and Management: Enhancing Refinement in Biomedical Research”. In their chapter of the book, they focus on pigs and how this animal…

Margit Bak Jensen has been appointed professor in behavioural needs and stress biology at Department of Animal Science, AU.

2021.03.12 | Anis

With a new professorship, Aarhus University prioritises research in livestock welfare and behavioural needs

As of 1 March 2021, Margit Bak Jensen has been appointed professor in behavioural needs and stress biology at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University. The department is already acknowledged internationally for its research in animal welfare, and with this professorship the department strengthens its position even further in this field of…

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