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Danish Cattle Research Centre


The new buildings are placed behind the original Danish Cattle Research Centre. At the far right, you will see the new cattle barn, in the middle, the flexible barn, and to the far left, the intensive barn. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2020.10.28 | Anis

An impressing and unique cattle research centre at AU Foulum

The new Danish Cattle Research Centre is now reality. It is an impressing barn complex completed with brand new and unique research facilities. Three new cattle barns have been built, the forage barn has been expanded, and the staff facilities have been modernised. The new cattle facilities have already been put into service, and the research…

2020.09.30 | Anis

The fourth call for proposals for Transnational Access (TNA) within the SmartCow project is now open.

The TNA call makes available cattle research facilities of SmartCow partners for research by academic or industry colleagues from other (mainly EU) countries. The facilities include the most advanced animal science technologies applied to cattle in the fields of nutrition, physiology, ethology and animal husbandry.

With her research, Professor Mette Olaf Nielsen will contribute to finding the sustainable solutions for how to reduce the greenhouse gas emission from ruminants. Private photo.

2020.09.08 | Anis

The new professor at Aarhus University wants to decriminalise cows

As of 1 September 2020, Mette Olaf Nielsen has been appointed professor in “Production and Lactation Physiology in Ruminants” at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University. Mette will contribute to solving the agriculture’s climate challenge concerning the methane emission from ruminants.

2020.09.02 | Anis

Webinar: “Using ontologies to improve animal science research”

An interesting webinar in the SmartCow project: “Using ontologies to improve animal science research”, 8-9 October 2020. The webinar is coordinated by scientists from INRAE, France. It targets scientists, RI technicians, Bachelor, Master or PhD students. This webinar is free of charge. Deadline for registration 2nd October.

2020.07.09 | Research

Vacant positions at Department of Animal Science

Professorship in Nutrtion and lactation physiology and a professorship in Behavioural needs and stress biology. Application deadline is 27 September.

AU researchers participate in a new project which is to develop a practically useful method for collecting feed data from each individual cow in the herds. File photo: Danish Cattle Research Centre.

2020.07.21 | Anis

A new method for pointing out resource-efficient and climate-friendly cows in practice is on its way

AU researchers participate in a new groundbreaking project, managed by VikingGenetics, which is to give the dairy farmer access to data about each cow’s feed intake by means of 3D cameras. The project will create unique opportunities to act with efficient and targeted management initiatives in practice for the benefit of the farmer’s economy and…

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