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Photo 1: Sows leaving the truck When sows leave the truck at the entrance to the slaughterhouse, blocking may occur as they respond to the new surroundings. Photo 2: The new ramp: A new platform/gangway next to the sow ramp, ensuring that handlers do not disturb the sows by walking among them – in the opposite direction. Photos by Mette S. Herskin.

2021.02.15 | Anis

Research leads to improved conditions for cull sows

Each year, more than half a million Danish sows are sent for slaughter, but only limited research exists as to the welfare of these animals upon arrival at the slaughterhouse. Now, results from a Master thesis have led to improved conditions for cull sows at Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Skærbæk.

2021.01.20 | Anis

Stig Purup – new adjunct professor at Aalborg University

Senior researcher Stig Purup from Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, has been assigned the renowned title as adjunct professor at Aalborg University affiliated with the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience.