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2021.04.21 | Anis

Can we produce nutritional and sustainable milk in the laboratory?

Aarhus University in Foulum leads a new and exciting project which is to form the basis for producing sustainable milk in the laboratory as an alternative to cow’s milk. The project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

AU takes part in a project which is to develop a new system for assessing welfare in broilers. The system consists of a combination of camera technologies and advanced data analyses (machine learning) Photo: Colourbox.

2021.04.23 | Anis

A new technology for surveillance of broiler chickens’ welfare is on its way

AU takes part in the large international project “SMART Broiler” which is to develop a system for surveillance of welfare in poultry by means of camera technology and advanced image analysis.

2021.04.08 | Anis

Free webinars: Dairy and beef cattle production and climate change - 13th and 14th of April

If you are interested in cattle production then check out these free webinars about "Development of Dairy", "Future Beef Farms" and "Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss" held by The British Society of Animal Science.

2021.04.07 | Anis

FACCE ERA-GAS would like to invite you to register for the FACCE ERA-GAS Greenhouse Gas Research Breakfast Club

The initiative is targeted at post-doctoral researchers and PhD students and will include: "Presentations from eminent scientists on cutting edge research topics related to GHG monitoring and mitigation from agriculture and forestry" and "Career Development presentations for PhD students and post-docs".