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New English textbook on welfare of pigs: ”Animal welfare in practice: Pigs”.

2020.04.02 | Anis

AU researchers provide input to a new international textbook on welfare in pigs

A new English textbook on welfare of pigs brings research-based knowledge to those working with the animals on a daily basis. The book is available in many countries, and acknowledged welfare researchers from around the world – including five researchers from Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University – have contributed to the book with their…

In collaboration with Danish Technological Institute, Aarhus University has conducted a questionnaire survey among drivers transporting cull sows to a large Danish slaughterhouse. Photo: Mette S. Herskin.

2020.04.01 | Anis

What do livestock drivers transporting sows think about fitness for transport and animal welfare during transport?

New knowledge about a professional group – the drivers – who are key to securing animals’ welfare during transport but rarely included in research projects.

2020.03.26 | Cattle

Professorship in the area of production and lactation physiology in ruminants

Department of Animal Science invites invites highly qualified applicants to apply for a professorship in the area of production and lactation physiology in ruminants. Deadline for application is 10 May 2020.

2020.03.24 | Anis

Join SEGES Summit 2020

Invitation to the SEGES Summit 2020: Think Piglet Health and Nutrition will be held on 24-25 September 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Experts from all over the world will attend the summit to discuss, share and learn more about how health, nutrition and management can improve the viability of piglets from hyperprolific sows.

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2020.03.25 | Anis

Nanobodies against diarrhoea in piglets

Based on antibodies from llamas, a new, biological remedy to reduce diarrhoea in piglets may constitute an environmentally friendly alternative to medicinal zinc added to feed rations. The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) funds almost 11 million DKK to further develop the product for market approval. Researchers from Department…

The new project is to form the basis of combining new feed mixtures that can be provided to the sows during the winter period when the grass supply in the field is minimal, hence not contributing to the sows’ energy intake. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.04.01 | Anis

New project: Feeding organic sows during winter

In the future, organic pig producers must be able to feed their sows more optimally during the winter period. AU researchers lead a new project with the purpose of developing new feed mixtures for organic sows fed silage during winter. The nutrition must be better adapted to the sows’ need, thus increasing the feed efficiency, reducing the loss of…

A study at Aarhus University shows that lame dairy cows housed in hospital pens recover better. Photo: Peter Thomsen.

2020.03.25 | Anis

Lame cows recover better when housed in hospital pens

Lame cows benefit from housing in hospital pens. This is – in short - the result from a study made in collaboration between Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, and SEGES.

Feed trough developed for quantifying hunger with a weighted gate, which may be made gradually heavier, so that the cows need to push harder and harder to gain access to reward concentrate. Photo: Guilherme A. Franchi.

2020.03.04 | Anis

Dairy cows fed a low-energy diet around dry-off show signs of hunger

Researchers from AU have studied to which extent the feed energy density affects dairy cows’ feeding motivation during dry-off. A motivational test showed that using low energy diets to dry-off high-yielding dairy cows results in hunger despite ad libitum access.