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Many egg layers have injuries to their keel bones, irrespective of production type. Photo: Anja Brinch Riber

2018.05.09 | DCA

Keel bone fractures in laying hens affect animal welfare

In a recent review, researchers from Aarhus University conclude that keel bone fractures in laying hens are an animal welfare problem.

2018.04.11 | Cattle

Maternal Behaviour and Use of Maternity Pens in Parturient Dairy Cows - Maria Vilain Rørvang will have her PhD defence at AU Foulum 19 April 2018

In her PhD project, Maria studied the maternal behaviour of parturient dairy cows and their use of maternity pens.

2018.04.05 | PhD defense

Production of slaughter pigs without tail biting and tail docking - Mona L.V. Larsen will have her PhD defence on April 9 at AU Foulum

Mona researched ways to prevent tail biting when raising pigs for slaughter without using tail docking. The results showed that in this study tail docking could be replaced if the pigs were both provided with straw and offered more space per pig. This result may make the farmer more confident to raise pigs without tail docking