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Danish pig farmers have decided to work on reducing sow mortality to nine percent by 2018. Photo: Colourbox

2017.07.20 | Anis

Why do sows die – and what can we do about it?

Sow mortality on Danish farms has fallen in recent years, but there is a need for more measures. A new DCA report from the Department of Animal Science charts causes and possible strategies for reducing mortality further.

Photo: Maria Randima Brauer Sørensen

2017.09.19 | DCA

DCA annual report is now available in English

DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture’s annual report 2016 provides readers with an insight into the research efforts behind the research-based policy support.

2017.06.08 | Anis

Animal Welfare Conference in Copenhagen, October 2017

Come and join the two day conference on Animal Welfare in Copenhagen on October 3 and 4 2017. Themes are consumer-driven animal welfare and animal based welfare indicators. Two scientists from Department of Animal Science will give a talk on "farmers perceptions of animal welfare" and "Investing in cow-welfare".

The three genotypes used in the present study: Hisex (in the front), Hellevad (in the middle) and Bovans (at the back).

2017.09.28 | Anis

We may be able to breed hens for high immune competence in the future

It is highly relevant which genotype the farmer chooses for his egg production; a study carried out at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, found a big variation in the hens’ growth and parameters important to the immune defense.