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[Translate to English:] Anne Katrine Bolvig Sørensen forsvarer sin ph.d. afhandling på AU-Foulum mandag den 7. november 2016

2016.10.27 | Anis

PhD defence: Does antibiotics reduce the health benefits associated with whole grain intake?

Monday 7 November Anne Katrine Bolvig Sørensen will defend her PhD degree, wherein she has investigated the absorption of health promoting bioactive components, called lignans, which are found in whole grain, seeds and vegetables. The study shows that these components can be affected by enzymes and antibiotics.

2017.02.09 | Cattle

Extended lactation does not impair the quality or cheese-making property of milk

There are no problems with the milk quality from cows managed for extended lactation. On the contrary, studies indicate that this production strategy will produce milk that is more suitable for cheese production.

2017.03.02 | Anis

Concentrating milk at the farm does not harm milk quality

Together with Arla Foods, Aarhus University has examined several aspects of concentrating the milk at the farm. In terms of quality there is nothing wrong with moving the process to the individual farm.

2017.02.07 | Cattle

Broad collaboration project to improve milk quality

A too high level of free fatty acids in milk may cause a rancid taste. Scientists are therefore trying to find new ways to limit free fatty acids as well as new methods to measure the levels of these within the framework of the major innovation consortium FUTUREMILQ.