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Researchers from Aarhus University are collaborating with the poultry industry to develop a gentler and more environmentally friendly method of broiler transportation. Photo: Colourbox

2015.10.01 | DCA

Broilers given a better last ride

Scientists and private enterprises join forces to improve the transportation of broilers to the slaughterhouse. This will be a boost for animal welfare, the environment and food quality – and will save the poultry industry 40m DKK.

A new DCA report gathers all the talks and abstracts from the 8th International Congress on Farm Animal Endocrinology 2015. Photo: Mogens Vestergaard

2015.09.14 | Anis

New knowledge about farm animal endocrinology published

The latest knowledge from international research in farm animal endocrinology is gathered in a publication from DCA – Danish Center for Food and Agriculture.

The university is one of the players in the innovation pathway, partnerships with small medium enterprises, large multinational companies and investors are  critical and are crucially importance to the industry’s growth. Photo: Colourbox

2015.09.30 | DCA

Collaboration generates success in the food industry

For the fourth time Aarhus University hosted the food conference European Food Venture Forum, where 32 companies from 16 different countries had the opportunity to meet potential investors and collaboration partners.

The risk of boar taint is reduced with lower slaughter weight and less soiling of the animals.

2015.09.11 | Anis

Reduced boar taint in lightweight and clean pigs

Pork from organic pigs that are not soiled in manure and that have a reduced live weight at slaughter has a reduced risk of boar taint.

Farmers should focus on litter size when feeding lactating sows and possibly give high-yielding sows an extra protein supplement. Photos: Anders Trærup

2015.09.11 | Anis

Litter size affects the sow’s production of colostrum

Large litter size is one of the factors leading to a higher production of colostrum in the sow, according to studies carried out in the Department of Animal Science. The scientists also found that a good beginning paves the way for a continued productive lactation.