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An infrared camera can measure if the sow has fever without disturbing her. This method can assist in detecting illness in the sow at an early stage, thereby saving piglet lives. Photo: Jesper Rais

2015.11.24 | Anis

Using infrared cameras to measure sow temperature can lower piglet mortality

Early detection of fever in sows can reduce piglet mortality and the consumption of antibiotics. Research from Aarhus University has refined a method that uses an infrared camera to remotely measure the sow’s body temperature.

2015.11.03 | Anis

Obituary: Department of Animal Science has lost a gifted and dedicated employee

On October 19, Helle Risdahl Juul-Madsen passed away at Randers Hospital after having fought against cancer for 11 months. Since 1996 until now, Helle worked in Foulum, primarily occupied with the molecular aspects involved in genetic disease resistance in chickens. We bring here an obituary authored by her colleagues and friends from Aarhus…