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2021.07.13 | Food

Join a conference on milk and health

Come and hear about the latest research in milk and health, when Arla Food for Health invites everyone interested to a conference. It will take place on 29 September, and it will be possible to be physically present at the event in Aarhus or to participate online.

2021.07.09 | Anis

We are looking for a new colleague at AU Foulum

Department of Animal Science has a Tenure-track position or possibly associate professor position available within the area of carbohydrates in nutrition. Application deadline is 16 September 2021.

2021.07.07 | Anis

New professor of management of production diseases

As of 1 September 2021, Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University has appointed Peter T. Thomsen professor of management of welfare-related production diseases in livestock herds.

Biorefinery at AU Foulum. Photo: Lars Kruuse - AU Foto

2021.06.28 | Research

Validation of screening method for assessing plants' potential for protein extraction via biorefining

Is it better to extract protein from grass or other plants in the biorefinery and how much protein can be extracted? Now, a recognised method normally used to screen for feed value has been validated as a method to assess the potential for extracting protein from plant material in a biorefinery. This will make it possible to study many more plant…

Suckler-aunts and calves have recently been let out on pasture at AU-Foulum. The animals are included in the new GrOBEat project which deals with sustainable and welfare-friendly veal and beef production. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2021.06.30 | Anis

Cow-calf contact in full bloom at the Danish Cattle Research Centre at AU-Foulum

A new project at Aarhus University will promote organic and welfare-friendly veal and beef production based on a production system where two calves go together with a “suckler-aunt” until they are about six months old.

2021.06.11 | Anis

Interview with Janne W. Christensen about horses and their behaviour

Are you passionate about horses and horse-related activities? Then don't miss this interesting interview with our researcher and expert on horse behaviour, Janne Winther Christensen done by Ampascachi Horse Riding Holidays.

Having managed the job since 2010, senior researcher Sanna Steenfeldt has decided to retire as poultry coordinator.
Senior researcher Anja Brinch Riber is the new poultry coordinator in Department of Animal Science.

2021.06.07 | Anis

New poultry coordinator in Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University

Anja Brinch Riber succeeds Sanna Steenfeldt in the role as poultry coordinator in Department of Animal Science.

2021.05.31 | DCA

Webinar on the green transition of Danish agriculture and food production

More than 200 researchers have made suggestions for the green transition of Danish agriculture and food production. On that occasion, Aarhus University, together with SEGES and the other Danish universities, invites you to a webinar on the new Roadmap for climate- and environmentally friendly agriculture and food production.

2021.05.28 | Anis

Gavin Leslie Simpson is employed as assistant professor at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University

From May 15th 2021 Gavin L. Simpson has been employed as assistant professor in applied biometrics at the Department of Animal Science, section of Health, Aarhus University in a four year position.

The foal’s curiosity towards novel objects reflects its curiosity later in life and also probably reveals its learning ability. New research results show that curious horses more easily learn new tasks. Photo: Janne W. Christensen.

2021.06.01 | Anis

Horses’ curiosity increases their learning ability

Curiosity and learning ability go hand in hand. We know this from humans and non-human primates, but for the first time it has now also been scientifically demonstrated in horses in a new study conducted at Aarhus University.

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