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2021.01.20 | Anis

Stig Purup – new adjunct professor at Aalborg University

Senior researcher Stig Purup from Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, has been assigned the renowned title as adjunct professor at Aalborg University affiliated with the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience.

2020.12.18 | Anis

Smart Cow Newsletter - issue 5

The latest SmartCow Newsletter is now available. The SmartCow project integrates key European cattle research infrastructures to promote their coordinated use and development and thereby help the European cattle sector face the challenge of sustainable production.

2021.01.06 | Anis

Video tour at the new Danish Cattle Research Centre

Welcome to a guided video tour in the new research facilities at the Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC), Aarhus University.

A study from AU shows, that extra care should be taken when trimming cows late in gestation, as it may increase the risk of abortion.  Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2021.01.06 | Anis

Hoof trimming late in gestation increases the risk of abortion

A study from AU, based on a large data set from the Danish Cattle Database, demonstrates that hoof trimming late in gestation increases the risk of abortion in dairy cows.

Hoof trimming around drying off is a good strategy to prevent sole ulcers. However, trimming should not be done during the last four weeks before calving as this is associated with an increased risk of abortion. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen.

2021.01.06 | Anis

Hoof trimming around drying off prevents sole ulcers

A study at Aarhus University shows that hoof trimming around drying off is associated with a 20% lower odds of dairy cows developing sole ulcers in the following lactation. However, be aware not to trim too close to calving as this may be associated with an increased risk of abortion.


Fri 05 Feb
10:00-13:00 | Online (Zoom)
PhD defence: Analyses of the gut microbial ecology of weaning piglets and laying hens – understanding the impacts of glyphosate via feed residues exposure.
Sundas Rani will have her PhD defence 5 February 2021. The PhD defence will be held online. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to Charlotte Steffensen; charlotte.steffensen@anis.au.dk
Tue 16 Mar
12:45-12:00 | Online seminar
Trans-European online seminar on science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment
European governments are facing critical decisions on agriculture, food, climate and environment. Science based policy advice is in high demand, but varies across Europe. The aim of the first trans-European seminar in this area is to facilitate exchange of experiences, challenges and best practices in how to provide Science based policy advice.
Mon 28 Jun
09:00-20:00 | Hotel Park, Viaduktvej 28, 5500 Middelfart, 200 m from the railway station.
Technologies for a Danish Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission Agriculture
Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising a one-day national workshop on technologies to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture.
Thu 23 Sep
08:49-08:49 | Copenhagen
Postponed to 2021: SEGES summit 2020: THINK Piglet Health & Nutrition
Experts from all over the world will attend the summit to discuss, share and learn more about how health, nutrition and management can improve the viability of piglets from hyperprolific sows.