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As of March, 1st, 2021, Peter K. Theil is appointed professor in nutrition and lactation physiology at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University.

2021.03.03 | Anis, Pigs, DCA

New professor in nutrition and lactation physiology at AU

As of March, 1st, 2021, Department of Animal Science has appointed Peter K. Theil professor in nutrition and lactation physiology. With this appointment, the department strengthens its research within nutrition, lactation physiology and productivity in pigs, thus stands up among the world’s top universities when it comes to research in sustainable…

2021.02.03 | Anis, Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, DCA

Three animal welfare researchers from AU contribute to revision of EU’s animal welfare legislation

Three researchers from Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University are part of EFSA’s expert groups, and ensuring that the most recent research-based knowledge is available when the European animal welfare legislation is being revised in the years to come.

2021.02.02 | Anis, Cattle, DCA

AU Foulum takes part in the BBC broadcast “Farmers on the frontline” concerning research in climate friendly cattle production

In a new episode of the BBC series “Follow the Food” entitled “Farmers on the frontline”, they visit Department of Animal Science at AU Foulum. Professor Mette O. Nielsen tells about the most recent research in climate friendly cattle (from app. 2:55 to 11:32). You will find the episode “Farmers on the frontline” when you scroll down the site.

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Tue 16 Mar
12:45-12:00 | Online seminar
Trans-European online seminar on science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment
European governments are facing critical decisions on agriculture, food, climate and environment. Science based policy advice is in high demand, but varies across Europe. The aim of the first trans-European seminar in this area is to facilitate exchange of experiences, challenges and best practices as to provide science-based policy advice.
Mon 29 Mar
08:30-12:30 | AU Foulum
Department of Animal Science offers a PhD course in:Measuring and assessing animal welfare at herd level
The course runs from 29 March and has a credit of 2 ECTS.
Mon 28 Jun
09:00-20:00 | Hotel Park, Viaduktvej 28, 5500 Middelfart, 200 m from the railway station.
Technologies for a Danish Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission Agriculture
Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising a one-day national workshop on technologies to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture.

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