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By keeping cows' feet clean it is possible to reduce the frequency of digital dermatitis significantly. Photo: Aqua-Cleaner

2012.10.03 | Research

Clean feet prevent disease

An automatic hoof washer developed in a close partnership between a private production company and scientists at Aarhus University has been patented and put into production. Next step is to start an export adventure.

Assessment of degrees of pain in cows depends on who is doing the assessing.

2012.09.28 | Research

Vets and farmers have different views on pain

Whether you are a farmer or a veterinarian makes a difference when it comes to assessing the level of pain suffered by cows and how it should be managed. This is the result of a new study at Aarhus University.

A daily dose of 1.5 hours in the summer sun is the minimum needed for cows to maintain the required level of vitamin D3 in the blood without a vitamin D3 supplement in the feed. Photo: AU

2012.08.01 | Research

Longer time in the sun means more vitamin D3

There is a clear linear relationship between how long you stay in the sun and how much vitamin D3 your body produces - at least if you are a cow.

In the wild the giraffe prefers the leaves of acacia trees, but there is little knowledge about what would be a healthy diet for them in zoos. Photo: Cathrine Dyhr Sauer

2012.06.06 | Research

New Nordic cuisine for giraffes

The feeding of giraffes in zoos is more often than not based on trial and error and experience rather than on scientific evidence of what is healthiest for the giraffes.

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