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2016.08.17 | Anis

Open Farm Day at Aarhus University in Foulum

Aarhus University in Foulum will open its doors to visitors on September 18. Drop by and discover the world of modern farming and research.

New results are useful for improving genetic evaluations of Holstein cow fertility. Photo: Linda S. Sørensen

2016.06.03 | Cattle

Improved breeding value assessment for reproductive performance in dairy cows

The routine breeding value assessment for reproductive performance in Denmark and Sweden may be improved by means of activity-based fertility traits. This is demonstrated by results from a recently finished PhD project. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the genetic variation in reproductive performance changes in relation to calving…

High calf mortality is a major challenge and perhaps even a threat to the organic dairy producers’ reputation. Stock photo

2016.03.18 | Anis

Mortality among organic dairy calves to be reduced

An alliance of six organic farmers, two industrial partners and scientists from Aarhus University is set to develop new methods for the housing and management of calves to reduce the high mortality rate in organic cattle herds.

A new DCA report gathers all the talks and abstracts from the 8th International Congress on Farm Animal Endocrinology 2015. Photo: Mogens Vestergaard

2015.09.14 | Anis

New knowledge about farm animal endocrinology published

The latest knowledge from international research in farm animal endocrinology is gathered in a publication from DCA – Danish Center for Food and Agriculture.

A new report presents the latest research results concerning feeding strategies for dairy cows. Photo: Jesper Rais

2015.05.06 | DCA

Danish dairy cows can reduce their climate footprints

Danish cows can leave a smaller impact on the environment in the future according to new research results from Aarhus University on feeding strategies and feedstuffs. The results were presented at a seminar on dairy cow nutrition held at Aarhus University’s research centre AU Foulum.

Scientists will evaluate the welfare of calves on organic and conventional dairy farms. 

The new project will investigate what it means for dairy cows suffering from mastitis to be housed in a sick pen.

2015.03.09 | Anis

Better cow and calf welfare the core of new project

Scientists at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, will compare the welfare of calves on organic farms with that on conventional farms, and look at the effect of using sick pens on cows suffering from mastitis. The Danish Centre for Animal Welfare is supporting the two projects.

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