We have a PhD position available for you - if you would like to do something about the carbon footprint of dairy production!

If you are enthusiastic about science and would like to work with feeding strategies to reduce enteric methane from dairy cows, you are invited to apply for a PhD position at Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University. Application deadline is 1 August 2018.

2018.07.04 | Mette Graves Madsen

Foto: Janne Hansen

Enteric fermentation in ruminants results in a significant production of methane which not only constitutes a significant part of the carbon footprint of dairy and beef production, but also represents a significant loss of energy. The ruminant sector thereby contributes substantially to the total agricultural greenhouse gas emission in Denmark.

This calls for not only the development of mitigation strategies to reduce enteric methane, but also a deeper understanding of the fundamental mechanisms in the rumen related to methane production. This project will focus on quantifying enteric methane and identify mitigation strategies primarily related to feeding. 

This project will have an important impact not only in the scientific community but also among farmers and consumers, as reducing the carbon footprint of dairy production is essential for numerous stakeholders   

Qualifications and specific competences:

  • Relevant Master’s degree
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in English with very good communication skills.
  • Experience in dairy cow nutrition and physiology


  • Experience with some of the following techniques: measuring enteric methane emission from ruminants, quantification of digestion of nutrients using marker techniques, feed evaluation, balance trials, trials using rumen and intestinal fistulated animals.
  • Experience in statistical analysis of animal experiments and large datasets
  • Hands on ruminant feeding trials
  • Demonstration of research activities (conference or journal papers)

Place of Employment and Place of Work:
The place of employment is Aarhus University, and the place of work is at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University-Foulum, Blichers Alle 20 , DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark. 

Applicants seeking further information are invited to contact:
Senior Researcher Peter Lund, e-mail: Peter.Lund@anis.au.dk

More details on the call and the application procedure ->>

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