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The Department of Animal Science aims to be visible in society in general, e.g. by strong cooperative relations with knowledge institutions, trade and industry as well as companies in Denmark and abroad. The research activities are often accomplished in cooperation with other national or international research environments, industrial partners or industrial associations.


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New research results show, that the risk of tail damage was lowered to the same level as with tail docking, if straw provision and lowered stocking density were combined. Photo: Mona Lilian V. Larsen
Pen with high risk of tail damage in the close future - tail posture has changed. Photo: Mona Lilian V. Larsen

2018.05.15 | Anis, Pigs, DCA

Prevention of tail biting demands extra effort

New research suggests that farmers need to use multiple preventive measures to prevent tail biting in slaughter pigs, especially if they raise pigs with intact tails. Besides risk reduction, it may also be necessary to include early warning strategies to hinder tail damage.

2018.05.03 | Pigs, Anis

Invitation for inauguration of two professorships 17 May 2018

Lene Juul Pedersen and Charlotte Lauridsen are newly appointed as professores at Department of Animal Science.

Many egg layers have injuries to their keel bones, irrespective of production type. Photo: Anja Brinch Riber

2018.05.09 | DCA, Anis, Poultry

Keel bone fractures in laying hens affect animal welfare

In a recent review, researchers from Aarhus University conclude that keel bone fractures in laying hens are an animal welfare problem.

2018.04.11 | Cattle, Anis

Maternal Behaviour and Use of Maternity Pens in Parturient Dairy Cows - Maria Vilain Rørvang will have her PhD defence at AU Foulum 19 April 2018

In her PhD project, Maria studied the maternal behaviour of parturient dairy cows and their use of maternity pens.

2018.04.09 | Research, Cattle, Pigs, Anis

Department of Animal Science has three vacant PhD positions.

Two of the positions focus on dairy cows and the last on pigs. Application deadline is 1 May 2018


Fri 21 Sep
00:00-00:00 | Rome, Italy
ISES 14th Equitation Science Conference, September 21-24, 2018
The Conference Theme is about Equine welfare: good training, good feeding, good housing, good mental state, good health, good behaviour.


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